Welcome to VideoMost video conferencing service!

Create multi-user video conferences on common personal computers with Rostelecom.

To join Rostelecom video conferences, no dedicated hardware is required; even Rostelecom online registration is not necessary. Literally anyone can participate in Rostelecom video conferences. All you need is to get an invitation from the conference owner.

During video conferences, text chat, shared document viewing, audio and video settings are available for the participants.

  • What does Rostelecom allow you to do?

    Rostelecom video conferencing service allows you to:

    • Organize planned or emergency multi-user meetings with people across rooms, buildings, or cities, and take part in these meetings
    • Run video demonstrations and document-based negotiations with clients
    • Perform training sessions for remote partners or employees in virtual classrooms where all participants can see both the trainer and each other
    • Hold PR events (interviews, briefings, speeches, etc) online
    • And much more – at zero time or money costs for travel.
  • For conference participants

    Participating in Rostelecom conferences:

    • No registration is required to participate in Rostelecom conferences.
    • The conference owner will distribute invitations with conference ID, password, and direct hyperlink to the conference.
    • To join the conference, type in conference ID and password on "Join conference" webpage, or simply follow the hyperlink included with the invitation.
    • You will also need to select a name under which you will join the conference.
    • During your first login, you will need to install a browser plugin.
  • For conference owners

    Creating Rostelecom conferences:

    • Only registered users can create new conferences. To create a registration request, fill in the request form on "Registration" page.
    • User registration is performed manually by the service administrator.
    • Once your registration is complete you can log in to Rostelecom service. You will be given access to conference scheduling and conference management pages.
    • Go to "Schedule conference" section, type in the desired conference topic, select conference time, and send invitations.
    • If you have problems or questions, please consult "Help section" or contact the service administrator.
  • What do you need to participate in Rostelecom conferences?

    What you need:

    • Computer with Core 2 duo or better CPU, Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8.1, Windows 10, OS X 10.8-10.11 or Ubuntu 14.04
    • Internet connection (broadband strongly recommended)
    • Web camera, microphone, speakers or headphones of any type
    • Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari(OS X)